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Which Earth River SUP Board Should I Buy? (2024 Update)

Which Earth River SUP Board Should I Buy? (2024 Update)

An intense focus on quality and design has made Earth River SUP (ERS) stand up paddle boards the best and most versatile inflatables on the market.  Pumped Up SUP has worked very closely alongside ERS with both entities starting around the same period and evolving together as a part of the Maryland / Virginia / DC paddling communities. We’re very proud to represent ERS and see it grow from a dedicated project in 2012 to make a better and more rugged inflatable SUP for rental and paddling schools, into a leader in inflatable technology and manufacturer of world class paddling equipment.

ERS boards excel in stability, tracking, and agility and include performance enhancements such as configurable fin systems and ergonomic kick tails, allowing the rider to perform at the highest level in varied conditions.

ERS riders were running rapids and surfing inflatable river surfers when it was just a bad idea. Forming concepts when no one knew what was possible in the inflatable sphere, the design teams river experience and some with 40+ year surfing backgrounds helped lead to the ERS design philosophy of Lake - River - Coast. Each board series has specific advantages to ensure you are riding the best performing inflatable SUPs in its size and shape category.


Board Series and Models Explained

The Earth River SUP product line is organized into four product lines which are differentiated by the board’s material layering build, features and fin systems.  -


ERS board excel at cross discipline use though each series into a class of shape that distinguishes the boards primary use. The general classes are:

  • S3 for all around-use and all types of paddling
  • S3R for all-around river use
  • X3 advanced boards for crossover between flatwater, surf and whitewater
  • GT for touring and distance paddling

The boards are further differentiated into sizing which is rider and use dependent. 

ERS DECK being held by four women

ERS DECK Construction and Features

The boards in the DECK series are lightweight true fusion materials that pop with unique colors.  Three click fins keep setup easy and they fold down into a small footprint making them ideal for travel or where storage space it at a premium.  

DECK series boards are about fun, but keep the same features as the performance counterparts in the Skylake and Dual series such as removable handle wraps and kick pad / arch bars. 

Material and Features on a Gen-3 2024 series ERS Deck Board -

  • True Fusion Lightweight reinforced PVC Core
  • Low profile 5" construction
  • Lake - River - Coast configurable thruster triple click fin setup
  • Includes LRC fin carrying case
  • Reptile texture Deck Pad
  • Approx. 1-1.5lb lighter than equivalent ERS Skylake series board depending on fin configuration. 
ERS Deck

ERS SKYLAKE Green Construction and Features

The boards in this series are made with a lightweight but highly durable fusion unilayer construction and fitted with three permanently attached unbreakable polymer fins that eliminate any concerns about fin loss or breakage, allowing the paddler to focus entirely on the paddling experience. The late 2024 release will feature a ultra gecko grip texture deck pad. 

The Skylake Green series is extremely popular for SUP lesson and rental programs being favored by business owners who want the ultimate reliability from their SUP fleet. 

Material and Features on a current Gen-2 series Skylake Green Board (Gen-3 coming late 2024) -

  • True Fusion Lightweight reinforced PVC core
  • Low Profile 5" construction
  • EDR (Enhanced Dynamic Rail)
  • Unbreakable Permanent Fins
  • Ultragrip Diamond Deck Pad
  • Approx. 2.5-3.5lb lighter than equivalent ERS Dual series board. 
Skylake Green

ERS SKYLAKE Color Construction and Features

The boards in this series share the lightweight and durable construction of the Skylake Green series, but feature the Lake-River-Coast (LRC) configurable fin system, which lets the rider adapt the board to different water and terrain conditions by swapping out different types of performance-enhancing fins in the center and side fin boxes. 

The Skylake Blue series comprise boards favored by SUP riders who are looking for lightweight versatility and performance.

Material and Features on a current Gen-2 series Skylake Color Board (Gen-3 coming late 2024) -

  • True Fusion Lightweight reinforced PVC Core
  • Low Profile 5" construction
  • EDR (Enhanced Dynamic Rail)
  • Lake - River - Coast configurable 2+1 fin system
  • Basic LRC fin set and carrying case
  • Ultragrip Diamond Deck Pad
  • Approx. 2.75-4lb lighter than equivalent ERS Dual series board. 

ERS Skylake ColorERS DUAL Construction and Features

The boards in this series add an additional discrete layer of industrial-strength PVC-coated fabric to the board construction for a board that holds up to demanding use in the most challenging paddling environments. DUAL boards are also fitted with the LRC fin system and come with an expanded assortment of fins for more precise tuning of board dynamics.

2024 released DUAL boards feature an ERS 'Gecko Ultra Grip' in a diamond cutout shape to enhance water runoff and micro texture anti slip technology to ensure the best ride in whitewater or surf. 

In summary material and features on a Gen-3 ERS Dual SUP Board -

  • Ultra Rugged Dual Layer construction X9 or X11 core
  • Low Profile 5" S3 and 6" Core S3R | X3 | GT construction
  • EDR (Enhanced Dynamic Rail)
  • Lake - River - Coast configurable 2+1 fin system (S3R features 4+1)
  • Full LRC fin set and carrying case
  • Gecko Ultragrip Diamond Deck Pad
  • Approx. 3-4lb heavier than equivalent Skylake series board. 

S3 - All-Around SUP Shape 

The most popular all-around board shapes in the ERS line, the 9-6 S3, 10-7 S3, and 10-9 S3, are available in DECK, SKYLAKE and DUAL S3 constructions. 

The 10-7 S3 (10’7”x32’x5”) board outline is the default “go-to” shape in the ERS collection, as it strikes a perfect balance between length, width, and thickness, crosses over adeptly between flat water cruising, surfing, whitewater, yoga and fitness paddling and works for all but the lightest or heaviest riders.

The 10-7 S3 is a perfect board shape for all types of paddlers as it provides an extremely versatile SUP that excels in all water.

The 10-9 S3 (10'9”x34”x5”) DECK shape meets the needs of riders who want some extra stability to gain confidence while learning or to more easily handle choppy water conditions. It's fast across the water, easy to pack up and can be even used for surfing small waves and lower whitewater 

The DECK series features the lightest weight construction and a full deck pad to excel as a Yoga or Casual outing SUP board.  The center handle wrap is removable so you can lay completely flat on the board while not giving up the attributes that make it a great all round SUP for casual paddling. 

ERS 10-9 Deck

The 9-6 S3 (9’6”x31”x5”) shape provides a more compact and agile option that is very fun to ride in surf and lower whitewater and takes less energy to carry and inflate.

This board suits people of smaller stature as an all round board, but allows a great deal of flexibility for riders of all sizes who want to get a little more adventurous with their paddling pursuits. A lightweight versatile shape that can be used in any type of water available in DECK, SKYLAKE and DUAL configurations. 

ERS Deck

S3R - All-Around River SUP Shape 

The 9-6 S3R (9'6"x36"x6") shape is the perfect 36" width board for paddlers who want the confidence to run all grades of whitewater and have a board that is still actually fun to paddle on the flats. Upstream, down rapids, and play time on waves. 

Higher tuned rocker and LRC 4+1 fin set up give the ultimate in flexibility while the XL deck pad and front bumper gives scope for different uses. 


GT - Touring SUP Shape 

The 12-6 GT (12’6"x32”x6”) is a touring shape designed for covering distances with enhanced glide, but wide enough that you can paddle leisurely without much concern for your balance. It brings something different to the touring board class in that it has been designed as a fun multipurpose board that isn't confined to the typical touring class board design parameters. 

It's a touring board that allows a much wider range of paddling than most on the market, and is the choice for those who want a long board with all-around features. 

ERS GT Touring

X3 - Crossover SUP Shape 

The 10-0 ERS DUAL (10’x33”x6") is a crossover board designed for dynamic performance in whitewater and ocean surfing, while having increased volume for heavier riders and plenty of speed for flatwater paddling.

It's a short, fun board that provides a unique entry into the ERS lineup for paddler who wants a great river centric board that crosses over to other disciplines without bringing the bulk and flat water sluggishness associated with large whitewater specific boards. Perfect for the adventurous paddler looking for something different as a additional board in their quiver. 

10-0 X3 SUP

What Do Earth River SUP Boards Come With?

All ERS SUP boards come with a convertible backpack/rolling bag and dual action manual pump. DECK, SKYLAKE COLOR and ERS DUAL boards also come with an assortment of fins with mounting hardware. The rolling backpack is sturdy, has oversized wheels to facilitate travel through airports, and is generously sized to leave extra room for additional gear and clothing while traveling.

The included manual pump is a compact and lightweight dual-action design, which makes the inflation task as efficient as it can be with a non-electric pump.

Earth River SUP boards purchased from Pumped Up SUP also come with optional discounted carbon hybrid paddle (or choice of full carbon paddle discounted upgrade), a coiled, straight or hybrid leash (or upgrade to a releasable river leash), and a handheld pressure gauge. Other accessories that you shouldn’t be without can be added at a discount at the time of board purchase, including an ERS 12VDC electric pump and a choice of personal flotation devices.


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