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This collection features the multinational inflatable SUP brand best known for their most popular all-around inflatable paddle board, the Red Paddle Co 10’6 Ride MSL. But what really sets Red Paddle apart is their assortment of specialty boards with unique features.

To ensure that you select the best Red Paddle Co board for you, read our quick guide to the Red Paddle Co board collectionEverything You Need To Know About Red Paddle Co SUP Boards. This resource provides information on the different board ranges available and the type of activities they are most suited for.

Explore the Red Paddle board range below - call us for advice - and remember to select your choice of exclusive Pumped Up SUP upgraded paddle options and accessories before adding a board to your cart.

Everything You Need To Know About Red Paddle Co SUP

Red Paddle Co was one of the first companies to design and produce high performance inflatable SUPs, back in the early days when the industry was dominated by cheap pool-toy level boards sold at warehouse stores.  The UK Based Company continues as one of a small number of performance-focused brands that are bucking the trend toward ever-cheaper mass-marketed boards that sacrifice performance and quality to achieve a low initial purchase price.

For the 2021 model year, Red Paddle Co has made a number of changes to their products. The most notable changes involve the fin systems, which have been changed in significant ways that alter performance of the boards. The fin changes for each product family (Ride, Sport, Voyager, etc) provide these boards with unique handling characteristics and slightly more compact storage. 

The Red Paddle Co product line is comprehensive, covering most categories of inflatable paddle boards, including race boards, touring boards, surfing boards, windsurfing boards, all-around boards, and some specialty items.  Here is a rundown of the product line by category:

Red Paddle Co All-Around Boards (RIDE and SPORT Series)

The Ride series, including the historically popular 10’6 Ride, takes its place on our Best All Around Inflatable SUPs list. They are lightweight boards with permanent fins and a universal shape that works well for various types of paddling.

In the 2021 release of the Ride series, Red Paddle Co moved from the previous three-fin setup to a two-fin setup, eliminating the center fin and moving the side fins farther back on the tail of the board. The new fin setup is designed to improve maneuverability and turning speed in the surf, where the tracking effect of a center fin is not essential though the change will cause it to track a little less sharp on flat water. Another notable change is that the former crisscross cargo bungee system was replaced with flat elastic straps out of the box though this has little practical effect, it adds an interesting aesthetic to the product line.

The 11’ Sport and 11’3 Sport, which are sleeker than the Ride series boards and have the RRS stiffening system and a removable center fin fall somewhere between the all-around and sport/enthusiast category, while the 12’6 Sport is more of a classic touring shape, but just a little narrower than the Voyager for increased speed. The Sport Series boards include a semi-rigid edge (“speed tail”) designed to aid in water release and are an option for those looking for more speed and distance use than the Ride series.

Red Paddle Co Ride

Touring Paddle Boards (VOYAGER Series)

Red Paddle Co has a number of boards that are suitable for distance paddling, but the two boards in the Voyager series (formerly named ‘Explorer’ series), the 12’6”x32” Voyager and the 13’2”x30” Voyager, are the models designed specifically for SUP touring. Available in 12’6”x32” and 13’2x30” versions, what makes them ideal for touring is their length (12’6” and 13”2”) which increases glide, mid-range width (32” and 30”) for stability, and ample space for cargo.

Voyager series boards are 6 inches thick, which is necessary for stiffness on boards of such length and are equipped with Red’s RSS stiffening battens to further enhance rigidity. The newest versions of the Voyager boards have a twin fin system which repurposes two US center fin boxes in the side fin positions and eliminates the main fin that would normally be in the center of the tail. Total fin surface area is increased with this modification, which may increase lateral stability at the tail, with the expected tradeoff being a minor increase in drag and some additional weight from the added fin box.

The Voyager series boards also have V-Hull shape at the front end of the board, which is designed to channel water under the nose to aid in tracking. Both boards in the series are equipped with a center fin box compatible with US and FCS-standard fins and a pair of long but shallow tracking fins on the sides for lateral stability at the tail. Comparing the two boards, the 13’2” will paddle faster due to its longer and narrower outline, but the 12’6” will be more stable and easier to handle.

The Voyager boards are featured in our Best SUP Touring Boards

Red Paddle Co Explorer Series

Racing SUPs (ELITE Series)

Red Paddle Co. offers a full line of boards designed for competitive racing, featuring long and narrow outlines and a series of technical innovations to enhance performance. The RSS Rocker Stiffening System uses battens inserted into pockets on both sides of the boards to increase board stiffness. The FFC Forward Flex Control System utilizes a carbon fiber pole on the front section of the deck to further control board deflection and increase speed and responsiveness in racing situations.  Nose fins, an unusual feature on a SUP board, help keep the board slicing through the water when the tip of the board is in contact with the water. 

Red has two boards in the 12’6” racing class - the 12’6”x28” Elite and the ultra-narrow 12’6”x26” Elite. There are also two widths available in the 14-foot racing class with the 14’0”x25” Elite and the 14’0x27” Elite. Rounding out the series is a board for youth racers, the 10’6”x24” Max Race. As a general rule, the narrower versions of each board will paddle faster in ideal conditions, but the wider versions will be more balanced when the water gets choppy.

If you are looking for a fast board for touring or leisure paddling, we recommend looking at the Voyager series boards which are wider and have better stability for everyday paddling.

Red Paddle Co Elite Race Boards

Surfing Boards (8’10” WHIP and 9’8” RIDE)

While most inflatable paddle boards can be used for catching waves, Red has a couple of boards that are more specifically adapted to surfing.  The 8’10” Whip is a board that incorporates design features lending it specifically to ocean surfing. The board 4 inch thickness removes it from consideration as an all-around board, except perhaps for kids and really small adults. The board’s rigidity is enhanced by the RSS stiffening system which helps make up for the inherently less rigid 4-inch build, resulting in a board that is not by any means flimsy.  The tail is narrower than most of the other boards in the product line, lending itself to carving of bottom turns, while a wide rounded nose makes nose riding a possibility for advanced SUP surfers.

The 9’8” Ride is a board that Red places in their All-Around series, but we feel that it really belongs mainly in the surfing category.  Like the Whip, it is built with a 4” thickness with reinforcement from the RSS stiffening system. Also like the Whip, it has a narrow tail, which is beneficial for some surfing maneuvers but reduces the overall stability of the board for general paddling. For some smaller riders, it can effectively bridge the gap between a surf SUP and an all-arounder. The latest version of the 9’8 Ride has a a set of twin permanent fins at the tail and no center fin, which results in an even looser feel from the board during a turn. 

Red Paddle Co Surfing boards

Windsurfing Boards (10’7” WIND and 10’7” WINDSURF)

Red has retired the 10’7 Wind, leaving the 10’7 Windsurf as its sole offering in the very specialized windsurfing category. The 10’7 Windsurf has a single US fin box at the tail and comes with a 9” center fin, plus a dagger board that goes through the center of the board.  The mast and sail are sold separately. Remove the the dagger board, mast, and sail, and the 10’7 board can be used as an all-around SUP board, but does not have a bungee system for cargo.

Red Paddle Co Wind and Windsurf Boards

Yoga Boards (10’8” ACTIV)

The 10’8” Activ is a 34” wide board that is particularly adapted to SUP yoga, pilates, and other in-place fitness activities. It shares the same outline with the 10’8” Ride, but is an inch thicker, which is intended to keep you higher off the water to stay dry while lying prone on the board. (The drawback to this is that the stability of the board is reduced, which can make balance more challenging during Yoga poses.)  In place of a center handle, it has a pair of handles spread out to the edges of the board and a set of D-rings along the rail that could be used to attach a shoulder strap. The Activ can be used for all-around paddling, but the absence of a bungee system presents a problem if you want to take anything on board.

Red Paddle CO Yoga Activ Board

Travel Boards (9’6” and 11’0” COMPACT)

The Red Paddle Co 9’6” Compact and 11’0” Compact are all-around boards that are designed to fold down smaller than other inflatables so that they can be packed in a smaller travel bag.  To make this possible, the Compact is made from a thinner base material. Because the inherent rigidity of the board is lower due to the thinner material, the design includes two stringers that wrap around the board to reinforce the board structure.  The deck pad has a gap down the middle for easier folding and the handle is positioned slightly off center. 

Red Paddle Co Compact SUP Board

What Do Red Paddle CO SUP Boards Come With?

Most Red Paddle Co inflatable SUP boards come with a bag, Titan II Pump, and a center fin with mounting hardware (for boards that use a removable center fin). The provided bag fits the boards well when they are rolled properly and is wheeled for easy transport in airports. The Titan II Pump moves a lot of air in the low-pressure phase of pumping, but it’s a lot to carry around and it’s still a workout to get to 15 psi.

Red Paddle Co boards purchased from Pumped Up SUP also come with an option on a discounted carbon hybrid paddle (or choice of full carbon paddle upgrade), a coiled, straight or hybrid leash, and a handy handheld pressure gauge. Other accessories that you will likely need, can be added at a discount at the time of board purchase, including portable electric pumps and personal flotation devices.

Red Paddle Co SUP Backpack

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