Pumped Up SUP Bonus Gear Offer

Bonus Gear and Offers With Boards Purchased From Pumped Up SUP

When you buy a paddle board from Pumped Up SUP, you get much more than the standard kit provided by the manufacturer.  Every SUP we sell comes with upgrades to an outstanding package of accessories that ensures you have everything you need to get out on the water and have the best paddle boarding experience. Here are 6 bonuses you get with most boards purchased at Pumped Up SUP:

  • Bonus 1: ADD ON a Carbon HYBRID Paddle Option (or upgrade to 100% carbon) 
  • Bonus 2: ADD ON a Premium SUP Leash - Choose from four options
  • Bonus 3: ADD ON an Essential Gear Pack
  • Bonus 4: ADD ON a 12VDC ERS Electric Pump 
  • Bonus 5: ADD ON a Personal Flotation Device (belt pack or life jacket) 
  • Bonus 6: The Pumped Up SUP Best Package Deal Guarantee

All offers are subject to availability and not all offers are available on all products and all times. Read on for complete details of our accessory offers. 

Bonus 1: Carbon HYBRID Paddle Option Or Upgrade to 100% CARBON

Add a premium 28 oz HYBRID carbon shaft / composite blade paddle with some boards (*some clearance, closeout or specialty boards excepted and only available for specific boards and models if listed at the time of purchase), with the option of upgrading to an ERS professional level 100% carbon blade paddle at a discount off its retail price.

These are pro quality SUP paddles made by Earth River SUP specifically for use with high performance inflatable paddle boards and are the perfect compliment to a high performance level SUP board.

Read our article on What to Look For in a SUP Paddle for more technical information on paddle selection, and to learn how to differentiate the quality of a paddle by comparing material specifications and weights. 


Featured ProductERS HYBRID 85 SUP Paddle (MSRP $199)

Constructed with a 50 Carbon / 50 Fiberglass Shaft and a Fiber Reinforced Nylon Blade.

Bonus 2: Premium SUP Leash - Choose From 4 Options

We offer a choice (depending on availability) of four premium leash models with different cord types, but all sharing an extra plush cuff that fits around the ankle, calf or below the knee. Equipped with a coiled, straight or hybrid straight/coiled cord, these premium leashes range in price from $39 - $49 MSRP

We also offer the best-in-class quick release leash from NRS for safety when padding in moving-water river environments.

Earth River SUP Leash

Featured Product - ERS Hybrid SUP Leash (MSRP $49) 

Constructed with a half straight, half coiled cord, this is the perfect leash for almost any SUP pursuit.

Bonus 3:  Essential Gear Pack

A Pumped Up SUP exclusive, this Essential Gear Pack includes a quality waterproof dry bag, a pair of non scratch tie down straps, and an ERS handheld gauge lets you check your board’s pressure in seconds to ensure optimal inflation.  These add ons give you three essential pieces of gear specifically designed for inflatable stand up paddle boards and are outstanding additions to your board bag. 


Featured ProductERS SUP Gauge (MSRP $29)

Perfect for spot checking SUP PSI. Simple one handed operation just push down and turn for an instant PSI readout with no air loss. 

Bonus 4: Electric Pump Add-On with Portable Power Options

You get the manufacturer’s included manual pump with every board, but we also give you options to add an electric inflator and a choice of portable power packs at a substantial discount from what you would pay if buying them separately. Unlike cheap inflators that work “sometimes” and do not meet our strict reliability standards (we only sell serious equipment that we can stand behind), these convenient 12 Volt pumps take the stress out of inflation.

Just set it and forget it - this reliable pump will inflate most SUP boards in about 10-15 minutes. Plug it into your vehicle’s lighter socket or add an exclusive ERS GO portable power pack to use it wherever you take your SUP. 

ERS 12VDC Electric Pump

Featured Product - ERS 12VDC Pump + ERS GO™ 

The class leading modular inflation system designed to make inflating a stand up paddle board much easier than manual pumping.

Bonus 5: Personal Flotation Device Add-On 

We don’t want to see any of our customers paddling out without a PFD, so we make it easy and inexpensive to add a discounted personal flotation device at time of board purchase. We offer a belt pack PFD designed to be worn around the waist for casual SUP use and a choice of life jackets designed to maintain freedom of movement while paddling. Read our complete guide on PFD's to find the right type to suit your paddling style and location.

Pumped Up SUP PFD's Types

Belt pack style PFD's sit comfortably around the waist and can be activated by pulling the cord if required. Low or Mid Profile jackets provide always 'on' floatation and are recommended for those less confident in water and in river / whitewater environments.

Bonus 6:  Guaranteed Best Total Package Price.

We guarantee the best total package price on any SUP board kit, while offering a better overall shopping experience, unlimited expert advice, and our industry leading after-purchase support.

There are many businesses that sell inflatable paddle boards, but none of them can match our focus on inflatable SUP and our exclusive package deals.

We will work with you to understand the differences between inflatable SUP board models and brands, paddles, and essential SUP gear, ensuring you get the right board and the right accessories to compliment it.


Featured Product - ERS Carbon 85 SUP Paddle

For the best paddling experience consider upgrading to a professional level full carbon SUP paddle as part of your package.  The ERS Carbon 85 and 95 are the ultimate in lightness and strength, providing a perfect match to a performance level SUP board.


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