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Performance SUP Paddles


A great SUP board is only as good as your paddle. Most paddlers will be best served with the portability of a 3 piece adjustable paddle but if you're looking at edging out performance in Big Whitewater, Surfing, or Race related disciplines a 1 or 2 piece paddle should be considered. 

Paddle performance is closely related to weight. The lighter the better, but the materials to achieve lightness also need to be strong and rigid.  Carbon / carbon based blends are the preferred materials in a high end performance SUP paddle for this reason, but the details of their composition matter and can vary. The benefit of features such as smooth full carbon handles, rigid adjustable cam locks, and anti twist grooves may not seem apparent to the less experienced paddler, but the difference a great paddle can make to each paddling session is significant. 

For more specific information on selecting the right paddle see our detailed guide on What To Look for in a SUP Paddle