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Starboard is a global marketing company based in Thailand with roots in the windsurfing market.  Starboard is unique in the inflatable paddleboard industry in that most of its inflatable board designs share the outlines of boards they originally developed for hardboards. 

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For more information on choosing the right Starboard SUP board for you, read Everything You Need To Know About Starboard Inflatable SUP Boards which will provide information on the different board ranges available and the type of activities they are most suited for.

Pumped UP SUP is not offering Starboard products in 2021 due to supply issues.

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Everything You Need To Know About Starboard SUP 

What most boards in the Starboard inflatable SUP line have in common is a very narrow tail, which stands in contrast to the wider tails that most other inflatable-specific SUP designers have adopted for board stability. Starboard’s line of inflatable SUP boards is expansive, with nuanced differences between models. A large number of their boards fit in our all-around inflatable paddle board category

Starboard has a particular focus on racing, with some innovations they have introduced to inflatable race boards. Starboard SUP is most well known for its sponsorship of competitive athletes, including Connor Baxter and various winners of worldwide SUP races, including the Carolina Cup and the Maui 2 Molokai SUP race.

Starboard SUP Inflatable

Starboard inflatable paddle boards have been a part of our core offerings through the 2018 season, after which a decision was made to limit our focus to other brands.  We continue to make several popular Starboard SUP models available in our SUP clearance and closeout section.

Here is a brief rundown of Starboard’s most popular inflatable paddleboard models:

Starboard Blend inflatable SUP (Zen and Deluxe)

The Starboard Blend measures 11’2″ x 32″ and is intended as an all-around recreational board, but with a bias toward speed, given its 11’2 length.

Starboard Drive inflatable SUP (Zen and Deluxe)

The Starboard Drive 10’5″ x 30″ is a mid-length all-around board with a narrow base to enhance speed.  It could serve as a touring board for smaller riders.

Starboard Whopper inflatable SUP (Zen and Deluxe)

The 10’x35” base of the Starboard Whopper gives it huge stability for those who need it.  It is wider than most general use recreational boards, making it popular with heavier riders.

Starboard Yoga Dashama Inflatable SUP (Zen Model)

The Starboard Yoga Dashama 10’0”x35”x4.75” is a wide and stable board based on the Whopper platform, but with a full-length deck pad to facilitate yoga poses. It can also be used as a stable all-arounder for general paddling.

Starboard Wide Point Inflatable SUP (Zen and Deluxe Models)

The Wide Point, at 10’5”x32”, is dimensionally right in the middle of the all-around board range, and is a good fit for most paddlers looking for versatile recreational paddling.

Starboard inflatable SUP at river

Starboard Converse Inflatable SUP (Zen Model)

The shortest all-around SUP in Starboard’s lineup, the 9’0″ x 30″ Converse is a fun board for smaller riders and for surfing.

Starboard 14’0″ Touring Inflatable SUP (Zen and Deluxe Models)

Measuring 14’0″ x 31″, the 14′ Starboard Touring board is a very fast board, but one with plenty of stability for recreational paddlers.

Starboard 12’6″ Touring Inflatable SUP (Zen and Deluxe Models)

The middle-of-the-pack board in Starboard’s inflatable touring lineup, the 12’6″ model is 31″ wide and is perfect for someone who wants a fast-gliding touring SUP that is a bit more portable and maneuverable than the larger 14′ model.

Starboard 11’6″ Touring Inflatable SUP (Zen and Deluxe Models)

The smallest inflatable touring board in the Starboard SUP lineup, the 11’6″ measures 30″ wide and is a good touring option for smaller paddlers who want a fast board but don’t want to carry a full-on 12’6” touring SUP.

Starboard Atlas

The Starboard Atlas inflatable SUP is an extremely stable, all-around model that measures 12’0″ x 33″ x 6″. Given the huge volume of this board, it is recommended mainly for heavy riders.

Starboard Dashama


All Starboard inflatable SUP boards come with a bag, manual pump, fins, and a straight leash. Starboard SUP boards purchased from Pumped Up SUP also come an option of a discounted carbon hybrid paddle (or choice of full carbon paddle discounted upgrade), a coiled, straight or hybrid leash (or upgrade to a releasable river leash). Other accessories that you shouldn’t be without can be added at a discount at the time of board purchase, including an energy-saving portable electric pump and a choice of personal flotation devices.

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