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Why Buy From Pumped Up SUP?

It’s not easy to be a paddle board equipment buyer today.

There are simply too many brands, board models, and sellers, and it can be very difficult to discern the differences in quality and performance between products.

Too many review sites pretending to give objective buying advice while doing the bidding of the companies willing to pay for recommendations and product placement.

Too many brand influencers posing as regular people giving glowing endorsements in social media groups about certain products, without mentioning that they are affiliated with the brand.

So, Why should you buy your paddle board and gear from Pumped Up SUP?

We Run Our Business Like One We Would Buy From Ourselves

We started this business after experiencing the transformative power of paddle boarding and we decided to make it an integral part of our lives.  We are all about helping people choose the right equipment because we know first hand the difference between paddle boarding with great gear vs mediocre gear and how it affects the overall experience.

If you're a beginner, we understand the challenges of sorting through so many boards, brands, price points, and marketing claims. It can be hard to know where to start in narrowing down to a choice for your first paddle board. 

If you're progressing to intermediate or advanced levels of paddle boarding or upgrading from a "starter" board, we understand the need to make sense of different board shapes and features and how they contribute to making a board more suitable for your specific type of paddling.  This knowledge can only come from real world use and experience across a wide range of paddling disciplines.

Tail Drop on a Paddle Board

We’ve Been Selling Inflatable Paddle Boards For More Than A Decade

For years, we have provided full service fleet and equipment packages to SUP schools, instructors, corporate clients, and resorts across the country, while giving the same attention to individual buyers. Pumped Up SUP started in 2012 and we we've been involved in inflatable technology since it's emergence as a serious alternative to hard paddle boards. 

We only sell inflatable paddle boards and specialist SUP gear that meet our standards.  We don’t sell any of the mediocre over-hyped products that have popped up to profit from the surge in demand for paddle boards. We sell equipment made by trusted brands with a long history in watersports and quality-focused companies with technical expertise in design and manufacturing of high-performing, reliable, and long-lasting inflatable paddle boards. 

We will not tell you that a certain product has some revolutionary feature or secret technology that makes it better than anything else, because we know that the paddle board industry doesn’t work that way.  There are no magic bullets, but there are huge differences in how boards are made, what grades of materials are used, and the attention paid to quality in manufacturing.

We have been around long enough to know which manufacturers are dedicated to the quality of their products and putting sufficient thought into performance, longevity and well conceived designs of their boards and gear, and which are not.

Each year we review our product range and decide if each board meets a need based on what paddlers require on the water. We do not sell every board from every brand. We don't list a product unless it meets a need we have defined in the market and provides an option to fulfill that need.  

Paddle boarding in ocean

We Are An Independent Business - Not A Mega Corp / Investment Firm 

The vast majority of entities in our industry - from manufacturers, retail operations and even 'review' sites - have been bought and sold with a specific purpose: to maximize profit for businesses that have no particular interest in paddle boarding. 

There are very few operations in our industry that have been around as long as we have and have not been sold to a larger business with no prior connection to paddle boarding.

We are passionate about paddle boarding and SUP equipment and operate our business as an extension of that.

Paddling SUP at sun set

We Understand Limited Budgets And The Need To Spend Wisely On Equipment

We also know the false economy of buying too cheap. For this reason, we offer great package deals on quality equipment and give honest advice about the gear you will need.

Paddle boarding is pretty much a one-time cost because the activity is free once you’ve made your initial investment in your board and accessories. There is an economy to investing in quality gear that will see you through all the possibilities that paddle boarding offers. 

We know the difference between cheaply made products made to exploit a market opportunity vs. real equipment and understand the technical aspects of building paddle boards. We don’t parrot manufacturer’s claims about their products - we will happily disagree and give you advice based on experience and actual real world use of the products we sell and even ones that we don't. 

We employ genuine paddle board specialists - Call us on 877-777-1796 to speak with a paddle board expert who will listen to your needs and answer all of your questions on choosing SUP equipment. 

SUP Board and Deck Bag

We Offer The Best Package Deals, Pricing And Service

When you buy from Pumped Up SUP, you get:

  • FREE shipping on all paddle boards and all orders over $99 to mainland USA. 
  • A wide selection of discounted accessories with your board purchase so that you can build your own package with the specific gear that you want.
  • Fast order turnaround, with orders often shipping on the same day that the order is placed.  We can also accommodate express shipping needs.
  • Secure and convenient checkout options. In addition to direct credit card payment, we offer a variety of checkout methods that let you use your existing online payment accounts so that you don't have to enter all of your payment information unnecessarily. We’ll never sell your information to third parties for marketing purposes.
  • Full manufacturer's warranties. We have long standing relationships with the brands we represent, so in the unlikely event of an issue, we can help you get it fixed as fast as possible. 
Paddler holding a SUP Paddle

Finally - We Really Love What We Do!

We know that each new paddle board and gear purchase is the start of a journey that can lead to life-changing adventures, and we come to work each day excited to get our customers on the water with the best paddle boarding equipment. 

Pumped Up SUP is an online store specializing in high-performance inflatable stand up paddle boards and accessories. We're always happy to answer your questions - just give us a call at 1-877-777-1769.


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