Hala Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

The Lumberjack of Inflatable SUP

Hala Gear is all about rivers.  The Hala Gear product range includes boards for downstream runs, boards for park and play river surfing, even boards for jumping waterfalls.

Browse our Hala Gear inflatable paddle board packages below, call or email us with your questions, and don’t forget to select your choice of upgraded paddle options and discounted accessories to take advantage of all available promotions before adding a board to your cart.

For more information on choosing the right Hala SUP board for you, Everything You Need To Know About Hala SUP Boards which will provide information on the different board ranges available and the type of activities they are most suited for.

In 2022 Pumped Up SUP is keeping in-stock the following models of Hala stand up paddle boards that met or our criteria for uniqueness in a specific SUP discipline.  For any Hala SUP model not listed or out of stock, please contact us. 

Everything You Need To Know About Hala Gear SUP

The folks at Hala have deep roots on the river and love to experiment with new ideas.  Spring-loaded fins that retract into the board, double-decker inflation chambers, inventive stringer concepts, and double-ended paddles can all be found in their product line. The concept of Peter Hall, Hala Gear is based out of Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Many of Hala’s boards can be found in our inflatable whitewater SUP board category, which we discuss in detail in our whitewater paddle board buyer’s guide. Hala’s boards are mostly 6” thickness, which has certain advantages in whitewater paddling and accommodates heavier riders.  Some of their entry-level boards meet the criteria to fit in our all around board and stability board categories though although they are secondary applications for these shapes or sizes.  Hala boards are very specific purpose, so go into your purchase planning to add to your board collection and eventually own a quiver of boards for different river features.

Downstream Whitewater Boards (Atcha 9’6” and Atcha 8’6”)

Hala’s roots can be traced to their popular downriver whitewater boards, the Atcha 9’6” and the Atcha 8’6”. Short and wide board outlines for stability, high rockers to keep the nose out of the water, and lots of volume for floating over the froth are some of the attributes that define this series, with Hala’s proprietary Stompbox retractable center fin giving these boards a unique point of difference from other boards in the category. 2021 UPDATE: The change from STOMP BOX 1.0 > 2.0 it requires the entire fin assembly to be inserted and removed when the board is inflated and deflated. The 1.0 version was integrated into the board, where the 2.0 on 2021 series Atcha, Rado and Radito boards require detaching the assembly to allow folding.

While these boards are particularly well-suited to running rapids, they are also good for playing on various whitewater features along the way, though river surfing is not their primary purpose

Hala Atcha Deckpad

Multipurpose River Boards (Rado and Radito)

The Rado (10’10”x35”x6”) and Radito (10’0”x34”x6”) share many of the features of the Atcha series that make them suited to river running, including the Stompbox retractable center fin and high rockers, but are shaped for more versatile usage, including flat water paddling. Their 10’0” and 10’10” lengths fall within the range of all-around boards, but they are thicker and wider than most paddlers need for general paddling, so we recommend them mainly for a mix of whitewater and flat water paddling or for big and tall riders who need a lot of board volume.

Hala Rado Stomp Fin

Boards for River Surfing (Peno and Milligram)

Hala’s line of River SUPs includes two models that are designed specifically for river surfing, the Peno 3+2 and the Milligram.  Both boards are shaped for surfing river waves and share a length of 6’11”, but there are significant differences in the shape, width, and construction of the two boards.   The 32” wide Peno is made from two stacked inflation chambers that are wrapped in an outer skin. The top chamber is narrower than the bottom one, resulting in the board having tapered edges.  This gives the bottom of the board sharper edges which can aid in carving turns.

The 30” wide Milligram is a single chamber design with a “nut” edge shape and swallowtail, which are designed to make the board more responsive on waves. While neither of these boards will get you very far in straight ahead paddling, they will provide endless fun on river waves and can double as a starter board for small children. 

Hala Gear Board

All-Around Boards (Carbon Straight Up, Carbon Hoss, Carbon Playa)

Hala’s product line also includes a series of boards for all-around paddling, featuring a carbon stringer to enhance rigidity.  The stringer is a hard but bendable carbon-reinforced strip that is glued to the top and bottom of the board. In our testing, the stringer did reduce deflection, especially with the rider in surfer stance with both feet over the strip, which runs down the center of the board though the effect is less pronounced when not standing directly on the strip. 

The Carbon Straight Up is a mid-size board with a versatile 10’6”x32”x6” outline which puts it right in the middle of the all-around category for length and width and on the high end for thickness. The Carbon Hoss, at 11”x34”x6”, is a high volume board designed for heavy payloads.  The Carbon Playa is marketed as a surfing SUP, but with dimensions of 10’11”x30”x4.75”, we see it as more of an all-around / touring board that paddles fast on flat water and can also be used for catching some waves thought there are better boards for that purpose. 

Hala Carbon Hoss

Budget All-Around Boards (Rival Series)

Hala’s Rival board line provide lower-cost alternatives to their Carbon series in boards with similar shapes and uses, but fewer features.  The 10’x33”x6” Rival Straight Up is a mid-size all-around board for flat water and general paddling. The 10’10”x35”x6” Rival Hoss is a scaled-up relative of the Rival Straight Up, with substantial weight capacity for heavy riders and cargo.  The Rival Asana is a 34” wide board with an elongated deck pad designed for SUP Yoga and Pilates.

Hala Rival Playa Deckpad

What Do Hala SUP Boards Come With?

All Hala inflatable SUP boards come with a bag, manual pump, and fins with mounting hardware.  Boards in the lower cost Rival series also come with a “B-Line” starter paddle. The provided bag is sturdy and has wheels to facilitate travel. The included Bravo manual pump is a dual-action design, which makes the inflation task as efficient as can be expected with a non-electric pump.

Hala Gear SUP boards purchased from Pumped Up SUP also come with options on a discounted carbon hybrid paddle (or choice of full carbon paddle discounted upgrade options), a coiled, straight or hybrid leash (or upgrade to a releasable river leash), and a handy handheld pressure gauge. Other accessories that you shouldn’t be without can be added at a discount at the time of board purchase, including an energy-saving portable electric pump and a choice of personal flotation devices. 

Want more expert advice on choosing an inflatable SUP board? Give us a call on 877-777-1769 and talk to us or check out our comprehensive Inflatable Paddle Board Buying Guide.