We are an Authorized USA Reseller of all the brands we sell so all our products come with FULL manufacturer’s warranty. 

We believe in providing service and support to our customers directly, so please make us your first point of contact with any gear issue and we will advise you of the best process to resolve it.

We LOVE to paddle board ourselves and want our customers to feel the same way every time they hit the water, which means having confidence that the gear you buy from Pumped Up SUP will perform as intended. 

Manufacturers will differ in terms of what they will cover, and we recommend discussing the policies of different manufacturers with us prior to your purchase if this is a priority. Some manufacturers are easier to deal with than others, and they will differ on what is covered as well as the time periods to resolve.

Misuse, abuse, improper care, or using the product in a manner that it was not intended for is not going to be covered under any warranty.

Do not let your board drag on pavement, or similar hard surfaces, including when it is rolled up.  Dragging on pavement (while inflated or rolled up) is the easiest way of damaging an inflatable paddle board and is not covered by warranty.

Warranty on all products sold on Pumped Up SUP sold or designated as 'FREE' or as an 'UPGRADE' option to a free product, are ninety (90) days from the date of purchase. Warranty on these specific items designated designated as 'FREE' or 'UPGRADE' are provided directly by Pumped Up SUP.

Pumped Up SUP is not liable for DIRECT, SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES resulting from the use of any product it sells, or for any party it represents either directly or indirectly. 


Pumped Up SUP reserves the right to vary these policies and exercise discretion in certain circumstances. In most cases, we are subject to the manufacturer's policies and decisions in terms of warranty coverage.

For help, advice, or even just to talk about cool things SUP related call us on 1-877-777-1769 or email us at and we will take care of you.

For tips, hints, reviews, and information – please check out the paddle blog on where we talk about anything and everything SUP and provide short and useful articles to further your SUP experience.



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