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Getting Your Paddle Board And Equipment Ready For A New Season

Getting Your Paddle Board And Equipment Ready For A New Season

As the weather warms up and summer plans are being made, it's time to prepare your SUP gear for a new season of fun on the water.  Properly maintaining your board and accessories helps guarantee fun and worry-free days of paddling.

In this guide, we'll cover the essential steps to getting your paddleboard and accessories in top shape for the upcoming season.

1. Clean And Inspect Your Board

  • Rinse your board to eliminate any residual salt, sand, or dirt. It's always better to do this before storing your boards, but that doesn't always happen, so now is a good time to get the board clean if needed.
  • UV exposure over time can cause the deck pad's surface to degrade, resulting in some color pigment washing off, transferring or even changing hue. Scrub the deck pad with a brush, rinse until the water runs clear and you should be set. 
  • Make sure the inflation valve is functioning correctly and free of debris.
  • Inspect cargo bungees for wear, ensuring the knots are secure, so that they won't come undone while you're on the water.  

2. Pressure Test Your Board

Inflate your board to the manufacturers recommended pressure (15 PSI unless otherwise stated) and let it sit for 24 hours. If there is pressure loss that exceeds 1-2 psi, wait another 24 hours and check it again. Remember that pressure can vary with temperature changes, including the cooling effects of being on water, so ensure you're checking the pressure under similar conditions. 

3. Inspect Your Accessories

Go through your paddleboarding gear, ensuring that everything is in good working order.

  • Clean and assemble your paddle. Then check the function of the paddle joints, length-adjusting hardware, screw tightness, and telescoping action. Cleaning your paddle correctly before storage will ensure you are not dealing with rust or material weakening from salt residue. 
  • Make sure you can locate your fins and mounting hardware. Order replacements of any missing items.
  • Examine the condition of your leashes and replace them if the cords are damaged or worn.
  • Locate your personal flotation devices/life jackets and confirm that they still fit properly - especially important for growing kids.  If you have an inflatable PFD, check that the CO2 cartridge is properly installed.
  • If you transport your SUP on your vehicle, Inspect your roof rack and check the condition of your tie down straps.
  • Verify that your pump works correctly and has no hose leaks or other issues. 

4. Assess Your Paddling Attire And First Aid Kit

  • Make sure your wetsuit or water wear still fits and that your hats, glasses, gloves, and water shoes can be located and are in good condition.
  • Verify the contents of your emergency and first aid kit, and replace any expired or used items.

5. Create A List of Items You Need

Before the season starts, create a list of any gear you intended to buy or replace last season but didn't. Order any items you will need before you need them so that that you don’t end up having to rush a purchase at the last minute or do without something that will improve your paddle boarding experience.

When doing this, consider what you want to achieve with your paddling this year. Are you looking to enhance your skills and expand into different paddling activities that might require different equipment? Try out new places with different challenges? Organize your belongings differently on your board or on your trip to the water?


Taking care of your gear is an important part of the paddle boarding experience. By following the suggestions in this guide, you’ll ensure that your paddleboard and related equipment are in prime condition for the upcoming season. You can then head out onto the water with confidence, knowing you've taken all the necessary steps to ensure a safe and enjoyable time on the water.


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