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Surfers Survive Monster 50 Foot Waves Hitting Northern California

Surfers Survive Monster 50 Foot Waves Hitting Northern California

Monster waves the size of a six-story building broke at the famed surf spot, Mavericks, along the San Mateo County coast of Northern California Thursday, drawing professional big wave surfers for practice, but conditions were too chaotic for Titans of Mavericks to hold the annual competition.

The man who first surfed Mavericks, Jeff Clark told KTVU that many waves were 40-feet off the Pillar Point Harbor, but several more topped 50 feet, and even higher. Some reported 60-foot faces. Waves easily can top 60 feet at the break, and they pound the underwater reef with such force they can be recorded by seismographs.

One of the alternates to the 24 invited Titans of Mavericks surfers, Garrett McNamara, took a nasty wipeout on a towering wave and was rushed into emergency surgery Thursday night for his arm and shoulder. Reports were that he had a dislocated shoulder, and later the contest organizers reported he needed surgery on his arm and shoulder. McNamara is credited by some as having ridden the tallest wave ever, at 100 feet, in Nazare, Portugal.

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