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Since 2012, Earth River SUP has been designing high performing all around inflatable paddle boards that are versatile enough to excel in all padding environments, including lakes, rivers, and coastal waters. The ERS board lineup is divided into two distinct series.  ERS SKYLAKE  boards are super light, with user friendly features that add to paddling comfort and enjoyment.  The V-II boards are performance orientated boards that lead the industry in features, performance, and quality. 

Within the ERS SKYLAKE series, you can choose between two fin systems. One is the ERS SKYLAKE 'Green' series permanent unbreakable 3-fin setup which is the most carefree option that works well everywhere, including shallow waters. The other is a fully configurable ERS SKYLAKE 'Blue' fin system with a US center fin box that accepts fins from a variety of manufacturers and a pair of side fin boxes that accept FCS standard two-tab side fins.

The ERS V-II Series takes the rugged advanced construction of the Skylake boards with the configurable fin system and adds another layer of thermo PVC coated fabric, resulting in exceptionally durable boards that can withstand the harshest environments. The V-II construction adds a couple pounds when compared with the ultra-light skylake boards, but the weight remains in the moderate range and contributes to the performance of the boards in more demanding conditions.

Boards are made tough for durability, lightweight, and utilize the latest advances in material science for exceptional performance for Lake, Rivers, and Coast environments.

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