Earth River SUP 9-6 SKYLAKE GREEN™ Inflatable Paddle Board 2019 (9'6"x31"x5")

The Earth River SUP 9-6 SKYLAKE GREEN™ is an outstanding stand up paddle board all rounder that keeps it compact and light, while staying rugged and sturdy . It’s quick to turn, will take any type of water you throw at it, and rides with a balance unlike many smaller boards due to it’s solid 31″ width. The extra large hybrid deck pad brings something different to the sub 10ft SUP class and allows enhanced learning possibilities and creative trick uses once your standard skills are on par.

A compact all-arounder ideal for SUP surfing, fitness, and exploration. Fast turning and agility characterize this board. Great for riders of lighter weight or smaller stature or for those who want incredible responsiveness.

PERFECT FOR: Lighter riders, air travel, paddle surfing, and whitewater or any other pursuit where class leading maneuverability, and light weight are valued.

  • Dimensions: Length: 9 feet 6 inches - Width: 31 inches - Thickness: 5 inches

    Weight: 18LB

    Construction: ERS Tech Dual Fused Laminate Construction + Enhanced Dynamic Rail

    Fin Setup: SKYLAKE GREEN™ Permanent unbreakable fins setup in thruster configuration

    Included: Deluxe rolling backpack + high pressure double action pump.

    • Contoured tail pad that gives tactile feedback for maneuvers involving the rear foot including bottom turns, tail drops, and submerged tail pivot turns.
    • Triple fin setup with optimized toe in angle and unbreakable fixed fins
    • Double action high pressure / high volume pump that inflates in both directions - downstroke and upstroke - so it takes half the time and effort to get to the pressure you want.
    • High grade stainless steel D-Rings at nose, tail, and forward deck for attaching leashes, towing, and securing cargo.
    • 2018 ERS Tech Core construction with additional reinforcement layers in the key areas to achieve the ideal balance of light weight and durability

ERS 30 Day Guarantee

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