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E-Subscriber DEAL (Limited Stock) - Earth River SUP Premium Cushioned Tie Down Straps - (Two Straps)

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The best SUP, surfboard, and kayak tie down straps on the market. Exclusive Pumped Up SUP instruction video below ensures you can be up an running in minutes.

    • Secure your SUP board, kayak, canoe, surfing gear, or just about anything else to the top of your car with these 12 foot length CUSHIONED tie down straps, rated for items weighing up to 330 pounds.
    • These straps feature rust-free metal cam buckles to reliably maintain tension on the straps, with a unique molded rubber cushion to protect your board or boat from damage when the straps are tightened down. 
    • Their 12 foot length is enough to strap 2 or 3 SUP or surf boards, a kayak, or a canoe to most vehicles, regardless of the specific roof rack system.  They can be strapped around just about anything, including factory luggage rails installed on many vehicles.  For cars without a rack or luggage rails, they can even be looped through the door openings.