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HALA CARBON NASS-T Inflatable SUP (14'0" x 28" x 5") 2021 - RESERVED

Fly by other boards on the Nass-T, the incredibly fast, elite race inflatable. Reinforced with patented Carbon Hybrid Inflatable™ technology, this board offers you rigidity and performance to accelerate past the competition. Not only will you be covering miles with ease, this unique board also masters downwind. Start training with Nass-T speed on this exceptional Hala racer.

The ERS 12VDC 20PSI Electrical Pump will inflate this board to 15PSI in approximately 13 minutes.

Service and warranty after purchase is handled directly by Hala Gear.

  • Dimensions: Length: 14 feet 0 inches - Width: 28 inches - Thickness: 5 inches

    Weight: 27.5 lbs

    Construction: PVC layers specifically manufactured for superior air holding. Unlike typical PVC tarpaulin, the specialized sidewall material features internal fibers coated in liquid PVC before incorporation with the outer PVC layer

    Volume: 350L

    Recommended Rider Weight: Up to 250lb

    Fin Setup: 9” Race Center Flex Fin + Unbreakable Universal Fin Box

    Included: Backcountry backpack + high pressure pump - 34oz Lever-Lock Adjustable Paddle

    • Glide Rocker Hala’s glide rocker features a mellow nose rocker, a flatter middle for speed, and just enough tail rocker for responsiveness in any environment. Feel the speed with our glide rocker. Learn more about Hala’s rockers.
    • 28 Inch Width The narrow base of this board gives you the most from the length and makes it incredibly aerodynamic.
    • 8 Soft and Centralized Rigging Points Soft rigging gives you the durability of our triple reinforced metal D-Rings without knuckle busting. Centralized rigging moves the rigging points closer to the deck pad and can be safer due to reduced space between rigging straps and loaded gear.
    • Leash D-Ring A triple reinforced D ring is located on the back of the board to attach your leash onto. But remember, using a leash properly requires knowledge and attention.
    • One Front and One Back Rubber Handle Carry this board easily, with the help of a friend, to and from the water while all your gear stays secured.
    • Foot index Located just before the stomp pad is raised EVA on your deck pad. It is a small, centralized rectangle so you can easily step your foot back to the center of the board without ever taking your eyes off water.
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