OPEN BOX Earth River SUP SKYLAKE 10-9 S3 (MODEL 2) AQUA GREY Inflatable Paddle Board - Reserved

This opened and re-boxed board kit is complete with all original accessories and is in like-new condition.  Sold with full Earth River SUP US Warranty.

A perfectly balanced platform that will support larger riders, give confidence to beginners, and let you ride with additional cargo or passengers.  The addition of the removable LRC fin system allow significant performance customizations in speed and versatility for different types of water. The original ERS 10-9 is considered a classic when it comes to on water stability, and it is impressively mobile for a board of its size. The SKYLAKE S3 adds another dimension with the core Lake River Coast™ Fin System opening up a world or performance possibilities.  It is recommended for riders from 120 – 225 lb (up to 245 for experienced riders),  and will give a stable and smooth ride through any environment. Perfect for riders who want stability in all conditions, learning and casual use SUP, big and tall paddlers, passengers and cargo, small wave surfing, fishing, yoga, acro, photography, choppy water, and rapids.

Ride At A Different Level Guarantee. For full terms and conditions please visit www.earthriversup.com/buy.

For detailed information on this board please review more information on the SKYLAKE 10-9 S3 AQUA GREY and user feedback on the ERS SKYLAKE S3 COLOR range 

  • Dimensions: Length: 10 feet 9 inches - Width: 34 inches - Thickness: 5 inches

    Weight: 22LB

    Construction: ERS X9 Fused Laminate Construction + Enhanced Dynamic Rail

    Fin Setup: ERS Lake-River-Coast Fin System includes two US center fins ( 8", 4.5",) and one sets of side click fins (4.5"). Includes custom padded ERS Fin and Accessories bag. Center fin box is compatible with all US Fin Box compatible fins plus FCS Connect™ tool-less center fins

    Included: Deluxe rolling backpack + high-pressure double action pump.

    • Contoured tail pad that gives tactile feedback for maneuvers involving the rear foot including bottom turns, tail drops, and submerged tail pivot turns.
    • Triple fin setup with optimized toe in angle and configurable side fins
    • Double action high pressure / high volume pump that inflates in both directions - downstroke and upstroke - so it takes half the time and effort to get to the pressure you want.
    • High grade stainless steel D-Rings at nose, tail, and forward deck for attaching leashes, towing, and securing cargo.
    • ERS X9 construction with additional reinforcement layers in the key areas to achieve the ideal balance of light weight and durability

  Reasons To Choose This Board 

If you want a fun, ultra-stable and lightweight all-around board that has all the features of the S3 series, then the SKYLAKE 10-9 is the board to consider.  A slimmer 5" profile gives it incredible balance while still being fun to ride, and it handles like in incredibly stable all around SUP.  A great lightweight board for lazing away the afternoon or taking the kids or dog for a paddle, but has all the essential features needed for performance if you want to catch a wave or run it through some rougher water. 

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For whitewater, the use of a standard leash is not advised. A quick-release leash, helmet, and an inherently buoyant life jacket are important safety equipment in moving river water.

The ERS 12VDC 20PSI Electrical Pump will inflate this board to 15PSI in approximately 11 minutes.