Pre-SALE EX FLEET RESTON - Earth River SUP 10-7 SKYLAKE GREEN™ 2018 (10'7"x32"x5")

LIMITED QTY AVAILABLE. Board/s and gear will be required to be picked up at the end of the Surf Reston SUP season which will occur between 21st SEP - 13th OCT dependent on weather. We will advise when your gear is available and the pickup procedure. 

Boards and included 2P paddle are used ex fleet purchase for the 2019 season, have been checked for function and operation and come with (1) year ERS direct warranty.  Pump / Bag and other accessories are all new. 

There is no shipping on this product unless organized prior with Pumped Up SUP. 

The Earth River SUP 10-7 Skylake Green is the one-board solution that does everything well. Glide, maneuverability, stability, and responsiveness come together for a board that performs over the widest possible range of rider weight, skill level, and paddling conditions. Its lightweight fusion construction is durable and makes it a breeze to get to the water. Three permanent unbreakable fins keep you from bottoming out in shallows and enhance your paddling experience by making it as easy as possible to get out on the water and start having fun.

PERFECT FOR: Maximum fun on flat or moving water: yoga, exploration, ocean and river surfing, running rapids, attaining upstream. For riders weighing 120-240 lb of all ability levels

    • Dimensions: Length: 10 feet 7 inches - Width: 32 inches - Thickness: 5 inches

      Weight: 21LB

      Construction: ERS Tech Dual Fused Laminate Construction

      Fin Setup: SKYLAKE GREEN™ Permanent unbreakable fins setup in thruster configuration

      Included: Deluxe rolling backpack + high pressure double action pump.

      • Contoured tail pad that gives tactile feedback for maneuvers involving the rear foot including bottom turns, tail drops, and submerged tail pivot turns.
      • Triple fin setup with optimized toe in angle and unbreakable fixed fins
      • Double action high pressure / high volume pump that inflates in both directions - downstroke and upstroke - so it takes half the time and effort to get to the pressure you want.
      • High grade stainless steel D-Rings at nose, tail, and forward deck for attaching leashes, towing, and securing cargo.
      • 2018 ERS Tech Core construction with additional reinforcement layers in the key areas to achieve the ideal balance of light weight and durability