Paddle Polo (2-Pack) Turns Your SUP Paddle Into an Aquatic Lacrosse Stick!

Have you played Lacrosse (LAX), golf or a game of catch/toss on your stand up paddle board (SUP)?  Paddle Polo sticks attach in seconds to any SUP or canoe paddle and allows you to have tons more fun on the water.  Paddle Polo sticks are great for SUP race training, SUP skills instruction, SUP rentals and sales and SUP kid camps.

Includes two detachable lacrosse sticks and one paddle polo ball.  SUP board, paddle, and water not included!

  • Utilize your convenient elastic ball holder when not paddling
  • In a safe area, toss your Paddle Polo ball in the water.
    • Retrieving – Paddle  to the ball and use a shoulder width grip to scoop it up using the Paddle Polo head. You should have a slight bend in your knees and a wide balanced stance.
    • Throwing – With a balanced stance, hold your paddle shaft at a shoulder width grip, bring the Paddle Polo head slightly behind your shoulder. Extend your top hand (closest to the Paddle Polo stick) forward in the direction you are throwing while pulling your lower hand back towards your body.
  • We recommend having fun practicing retrieving and throwing before progressing to catching, see some games below. Invent your own games and share them with us!
    • Catching – Catching requires more skill and practice. We recommend practicing catching and throwing on land to get comfortable with the technique - video coming soon! The optimal way to catch the ball to hold hold the paddle parallel to your body, with the head of the stick positioned above your shoulder. Give your partner a nice target – as the ball enters the head bring the stick back to absorb the catch.  It is possible to catch the ball with the head in front of you, however its not optimal.