The Unique Benefits Of SUP Touring Boards

by Michael Katz July 23, 2016

Reasons to opt for a touring board?

  • Touring Boards excel at paddling in a straight line, which is how most people use their boards
  • Touring boards paddle faster with less effort than all around boards
  • Turning a touring board is not hard once you know the technique – just step back a bit before turning
  • A longer board has more room for a passenger – human or canine – or gear for an excursion
  • Weight and handling of a longer board are not problematic, if you avoid hardboards and go with a high performance inflatable model ;)

Some inflatable touring boards to consider are:

  • Red Paddle Co 12’6” Explorer. This deluxe touring board is really decked out with extra features – bungee tie downs front and back, additional tracking fins and plenty of extra handles add to the appeal – and the price.
  • Red Paddle Co 12’6” Sport. Sits somewhere between a race board and touring board, with a fast-paddling 30” with. It has a unique batten system on the rails to enhance its rigidity.
  • Earth River SUP 12-6. This 12’6” length touring board has the advantage of a generous 32” width which makes it very stable and easy to maintain balance. Its contoured kick tail enhances performance in buoy turns and gives a tactile feel when stepping back to turn. Above average nose rocker assists on rivers and in choppy waters.
  • Hala Nass A rugged 12’6” touring/race board with above average nose rocker which helps in whitewater and choppy conditions. A good choice for paddling on rivers.
  • Starboard 12’6” Touring. Starboard fans will appreciate its trendy tiki vibe. Its 31” width is a good compromise between speed and stability.
  • Starboard 11’6” Touring. A shorter take on the touring board, great for riders under 150 lb, or who just want a slighty shorter board that moves with touring board dyamics.

Of course an all-around shape will be better suited for surfing and whitewater, but be honest with yourself and think of how you are most likely to use your board. If you will be mainly paddling in a straight line and taking in scenery, a touring board may be a logical choice.

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