How To Pack And Use The Earth River SUP Dry Bag with Straps (With Video)

How To Pack And Use The Earth River SUP Dry Bag with Straps (With Video)

The Earth River SUP Dry Bag is a must-have on the water and includes a few features that differentiate it from run-of-the-mill dry bags. The video shows a few tips on how to pack your dry bags and details some of these features. You can purchase these dry bags on our site via this link 


  1. Open your dry bag and place your items inside. Start with soft items to help keep the bottom padded.
  2. Fold the black edge strip over and run your fingers across to maintain a flat fold all the way across.
  3. Fold two more times. Keeping the folds tight will enhance the seal. You can continue folding if there is enough space at the top of the bag, but three folds are all you really need for a watertight seal.
  4. Bring the two sides of the buckle together across the front of the bag and click to engage.
  5. Clip the end of each strap to the rings at the top and bottom of the dry bag. Adjust the strap length for a comfortable fit for using the dry bag as a should bag or backpack.
  6. For added safety on the water, clip the dry bag straps around your bungee cords to secure it to your board! 


  • Leaving air in the bag adds to the bag's buoyancy - should it end up falling into the water.
  • The straps give you more to grab onto, should the bag float or drift from you.
  • The semi-transparent front panel makes it easy to see what items are in your dry bag - and contents can be accessed quickly so put items you want to identify in different bags towards the window. 
  • Straps are fully adjustable and can be set to get your exact fit or used to secure around SUP bungee cords. 
  • The best defense against your items going in the water is planning and common sense. A dry bag should be used to protect against splashes and unexpected water, but really should only be a last line of defense, should your items end up in the water.


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