How To Inflate Your Paddle Board With The Earth River SUP Dual Action Manual Pump (With Video)

How To Inflate Your Paddle Board With The Earth River SUP Dual Action Manual Pump (With Video)

This video demonstrates the proper use of the Earth River SUP Dual Action Manual Pump, including how to switch between dual action (high air flow) and single action (high pressure) modes.



  1. Connect the hose securely to the lower chamber
  2. Rotate the valve stem to the UP position.
  3. Connect the hose to the valve. Push down while turning clockwise until it won’t turn anymore.
  4. Insert the plug for pumping on both the down and up stroke. Pump with your knees to save wear on your arms. Take regular breaks as needed.
  5. Remove the plug when pumping on the upstroke becomes difficult. This will cause the pump to fill only on the down stroke, reducing effort at higher inflation pressures.
  6. Watch the gauge on the pump to know when you have reached the desired pressure, usually 15-17 PSI.
  7. Remove the hose by pushing down and turning counter-clockwise.
  8. A handheld pressure gauge (sold separately) can be used to verify inflation pressure without air loss.
  9. Insert the valve cover to protect the valve stem and prevent accidental deflation.


  1. To deflate, push in the valve stem and turn clockwise ¼ turn to put the valve in the open position.
  2. After most of the air has escaped, the pump can be used to remove any remaining air. Connect the hose to the upper chamber securely and make sure the plug is removed. 
  3. Insert the hose into the valve and pump until all air has been removed from the board.

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